San Francisco City College Now Offers Degrees In Weed Studies

You can now get an Associate of Arts degree in Cannabis at City College of San Francisco. The program will start enrolling for the Spring 2021 season. The higher education degree is the first of its kind in the nation. School officials said that the curriculum will focus on the effects that various drugs have on the brain. According to the San Francisco Examiner, 'the course will primarily focus on cultivating student’s abilities to evaluate scientific studies.'

In an announcement via webinar CCSF Chancellor Rajen Vurdien expressed excitement at this bold step forward towards the future, “This shows how fast the college moves to address societal problems and issues and at the same time to address the need of the job market as they emerge,” Vurdien said. “This program of study challenges students to develop critical thinking skills and to incorporate theory and research in the development of evidence based points of view on equity, social context and cannabis.”



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