How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon Everytime

There's nothing better than a juicy, delicious watermelon?  But before you slice it open, check out the right one to purchase.   If you’re like most people, you could use a few tips when at the market. 

1. Field Spot This is the creamy or yellow part of the watermelon’s shell that rested on the ground. What can that color tell you?  Avoid ones with white spots, as they needed more sunbathing time before being plucked from the vine. 

2. Webbing We can thank bees for playing such an important role in this process. Excess pollination will create lots of brown webbing.  A large amount of webbing is your clue that the inside is ripe and sweet. 

3. Gender Yes, a watermelon has a gender. The tall – or long ones - are males. If the watermelon is plump, round or stout, it’s classified as a female. Take a moment to guess which one is the sweetest. It’s the girl! And if it’s a bizarre shape, it indicates its growth was not an easy process as it probably struggled for sunlight and water. 

4. Size In the case of the watermelon, the largest ones aren’t necessarily the tastiest. The best ones are average in size.  Rule of thumb; don’t pick one too large or too small.  

5. Tail Taking a final glimpse of the watermelon, we must examine its tail. If it’s green, skip it. That is an indicator that it isn’t quite ripe. Instead, go with the one that looks dried. Color may also has an issue

Hope these tips help you out!