Lisa Bonet Speaks Out About Bill Cosby



Luisa Bonet has been pretty quiet since her departure from A Different World, her Cosby SHow spin-off. She is a mom and a wife and now she is speaking out about a topic that she really hasn't had much to say about, since the 90's Bill Cosby. 

Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm Jamal Warner have both defended their former TV head of household and the allegations from around 60 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and harassment. However, in a new interview with Net-A-Porter, Lisa Bonet says she always felt a “sinister, shadow” energy from Mr. Cosby.

When asked if Bonet ever sensed that “anything was happening,” Lisa replied, “There was no knowledge on my part about his specific actions, but… There was just energy. And that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed.”

Asked if she “sensed a darkness,” Bonet quickly responded: “Always. And if I had anything more to reveal then it would have happened a long time ago. That’s my nature. The truth will set you free.” 

Lisa went on to share in the amazing article... . “I don’t need to say, ‘I told you so’,” she says about Cosby’s current situation. “I just leave all that to karma and justice and what will be.”

I LOVE LISA...and she still is just as gorgeous as I remember from the 80's!

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