Kim Wilde Drops New Album: Inspired By Her Alien Encounter

Kim Wilde is back with an 80's pop sound for a new generation and the inspiration behind her first album in over a decade.....Aliens! Kim said in a recent BBC interview,

"I had actually spent the whole evening at A&E with our son. Swine flu was rife at the time and he'd developed a very high temperature."

After the fever subsided, everyone returned home and Wilde retired to the garden with a glass of wine.

"Then I looked up in the sky and saw this huge bright light behind a cloud. Brighter than the moon, but similar to the light from the moon.

"I said to my husband and my friend, 'that's really odd,' so we walked down the grass and looked to see if there was any source.

"All of a sudden it moved, very quickly, from about 11.00 to 1.00. Then it just did that, back and forth, for several minutes.

"Whenever it moved, something shifted in the air - but it was silent. Absolutely silent." Eventually, the UFO shot off, "but I've watched lights in the sky ever since", says Wilde. "There's not a day goes by I don't think about it."

Whatever the inspiration was it's nice to have new music from Kim and to still see her doing her thing!