KISS Guitarist Vinnie Vincent Living As A Woman?

Vinnie Vincent has been out of the spotlight for the past 20 years but the former KISS guitarist recently returned to the public eye with a very different look.

During a recent Q & A Vincent was asked if he was transitioning and he replied, "Not that I know of. I don't know where they came up with that...But see, if I address that, then the mystique is gone. See, everybody loves the mystique. I think they love the mystique because they don't know. So maybe I'll say, I'll let you guys decide...then everyone is still talking." 

Vincent may not admit to being transgender but he acknowledged that he has indeed taken on a more feminine appearance over the years. He said, "But what can I do?" he asked. "You correct them and they go, 'I don't understand.' Then I won't correct you. So maybe it goes that way. 

Listen to the full conversation here