Michael Jacksons 'Smooth Criminal' Tilt Explained

Doctors explain Michael Jackson's tilt move

Remember the first time you saw Michael Jackson's tilt dance move in the Smooth Criminal video and you thought, how'd he do that? Well 30 years after the move debuted, doctors say it isn't physically impossible to do. In a piece from the Journal of Neurosurgery, research shows that Michael "was cheating gravity." The report says we can bend 25 to 30 degrees before falling on our face; MJ tilted 45 degrees. The cheat was Michael's shoes. The shoe was patented in 1993 and had a small hitch attached to the bottom to anchor Jackson to the stage. Even though he had help, the study says a normal person still couldn't pull it off. Jackson and the other dancers needed practice, great core strength and balance to do the move.