Kelly Clarkson's 1st American Idol Audition Leaks Online

You Can See Kelly Clarkson's Full 'American Idol' Audition that Was Never Aired on TV

Thanks to a fan who obviously loves Kelly Clarkson, we can now enjoy Clarkson’s full American Idol audition, originally only part of it was shown on T.V. due to time. The clip shows Kelly twirling to show off her homemade blue jean top to Ryan Seacrest as she waits outside before going in front of the judges. She sings “At Last” by Etta James and for the second song she sings “Express Yourself”, a song that Idol judge Randy Jackson helped Madonna with. Clarkson then suggests that Jackson try out for American Idol, which he did and got good reviews from Clarkson and the other Idol judges. As Clarkson is given her ticket to Hollywood, Simon Cowell tells Clarkson, “tell Ryan out there to redo his highlights”