Man Claiming To Be Time Traveler Passes Lie Detector Test (VIDEO)

Man Claims To Be From The Future, Passes Lie Detector

A man claiming to be a time traveler stuck in the year 2018 because his time machine broke down might be telling the truth. At least that's the results from a lie detector. James Oliver says he came from the year 6491 and from another planet, but that isn't the incredible part. 

Paranormal YouTube site ApexTV hooked Oliver up to a lie detector and he passed every question. Speaking of what is to come, Oliver says more planets will be discovered, a war between the Earth and aliens is on the way, and the planet will continue to heat up. Despite the claims of coming from space, Oliver speaks with a Birmingham UK accent, and an American twang. Of course, someone from the future would know how to beat such primitive tech like a lie detector. 

Do you believe that there could be intelligent life out there though?