Steve Perry Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin

Former Journey frontman,  Steve Perry, paid tribute to Aretha Franklin. Steve took some time during a recent interview to talk about the impact that the Queen of Soul had on his music and career. He said,

 "When I was younger, her music was so important to me. And when I saw the documentary about Rick Hall and Muscle Shoals, it was obvious to me that her voice, when it connected to the swampers in Muscle Shoals, became this incredible marriage between their love for R&B and her voice. Because they used to cut a lot of tracks here in New York, but it didn't click until she went down there. And so it became this magical thing, and some of her most amazing hits came out of that. And she is in the documentary about Muscle Shoals, where she talks about that. I'm really sad about that, because she is iconic and one of my favorites of all time."

Steve Perry's new solo album, "Traces", will be released on October 5. The album marks his first solo album since 1994's "For The Love Of Strange Medicine."