Lindsay Buckingham Suing Fleetwood Mac, Blames Stevie Nicks

Lindsay Buckingham Says Stevie Nicks Fired Him

Uh oh, it looks like Lindsay Buckingham is finally spilling the real reason behind his Fleetwood Mac departure. According to Lindsay, Fleetwood Mac’s manager Irving Azoff, told him that Stevie Nicks said that she “never wants to be on a stage with you again” and she laid down an ultimatum...either Lindsay goes or I do! According to new reports from Radar Online, Lindsey Buckingham is suing his old band for kicking him out right before the band's current North American tour. Buckingham is suing for breach of contract, claiming he was kicked out after the band signed a 60-concert deal with Live Nation worth up to $70 million. In a Rolling Stone interview earlier this week, he spoke about the situation. The band later added Neil Finn and Mike Campbell to replace Buckingham on tour.