Here's Why People Are Stockpiling TAB Soda

Fans Are Stockpiling TAB Soda

Fans of Tab soda are in a tizzy over the whereabouts of their favorite soft drink. They're ordering it from all over the country, and before they can pick it up, it's already sold out. Tab addicts aka "Tabaholics" think the soft drink has quietly been discontinued, but reps at Coca-Cola say that's not the case. This is leading them to think the distributor of the soft drink is to blame. Their assumption was correct. A bottler did confirm that Tab was removed from shelves in favor of other low-calorie drinks from Coca-Cola such as Fresca, Sprite, and the main competitor since 1982, Diet Coke. Fans of Tab plan to take a petition to Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and continue to flood their offices with complaint calls about the soft drink that has a cult following.