Santana Returns With New Music

Santana's Back 

Carlos Santana, who proved to be the comeback king with 1999's "Supernatural" album, hopes to repeat the feat 20 years later with a new EP, label and tour."In Search of Mona Lisa," which will feature three new tracks and two remixes, is due January 25 on Concord Records. It will be the guitar legend's first effort for the California label. It's expected to be followed by a full-length album this summer. Santana's 2019 tour is set to kick off January 23 in Las Vegas. 

"From Team Santana: The New EP from Santana, entitled " In Search of Mona Lisa" will drop on January 25. You can Pre-Order it Today! Link in bio. The EP contains three spellbinding and transportive new songs that takes listeners inside a magical and deeply personal experience Carlos had when he visited the Louvre Museum and set his eyes on Leonardo da Vinci’s beguiling masterpiece."