These Apps Will Pay You To Work Out

If you think it's hard to stay motivated when it comes to working out here's a bit of incentive. There are actual apps that will pay you to exercise more! You can cash in and reach your fitness or weight loss goals at the same time.

  • Achievement - This app keeps track of your sleep and your steps. The more healthy goals you 'achieve' the more Achievement pays you.
  • Charity Miles - The Charity Miles app lets you choose the charity you want to support and then lets you earn money for them based on how much exercise you get.
  • HealthyWage - This is the first of the apps to make you bet on yourself to join a fitness challenge, but after you complete the verified weigh-ins to prove you’re putting in the work and the time, you get the cash when you beat your goals.
  • DietBet - Downloading this app is totally free, but in order to get paid you have to place a bet on yourself. Just create a fitness challenge for yourself or join an existing one and when you meet your goal, you can win back your money and more.
  • RunBet -Another betting app. This app uses your phone's GPS to verify your activity. Simply sign up to join a "game" for a certain amount of time and place your bet. Hit your running goal by the time the game is over and you win.