5 Things You Can No Longer Claim On Your Taxes In2018

It's almost  Tax time if you plan on filing this year I found this helpful article on thought I'd pass on the info. :-)

1. Personal Exemptions: Before this year you were allowed to deduct $4,050 for yourself and each family member on your tax return. So, if you are single, you could claim one exemption, and if married with 2 kids, you could have claimed 4 personal exemptions. That's all goes away this year.

2. Moving expenses - You will no longer be able to deduct moving expenses.

3. Home equity loan interest- You are still allowed to deduct mortgage interest on purchase loans up to $750,000, but the deduction for interest on home equity loans officially becomes nondeductible this year.

4. Job Expenses- Things like license fees, certain medical tests, clothing, tools and equipment, and unreimbursed continuing education are no longer allowed to be written off.

5. Ticket Hookups- If you donated to a college and received tickets to a game in exchange for the donation, you have to reduce the amount of your charitable donation deduction by the value of the "free" tickets.

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