Check Out The New CA Laws That Go Into Effect July 1st

Here Are The New Laws That Will Go Into Effect July 1st:

New Dockless Bike and Scooter Rules- New speed limit rules and other safety regulations for dockless bikes and scooters will soon go into effect.

Ammunition- Customers who purchase bullets will have to show a photo ID and pay for an instant background check. No more online ordering of ammo either it must be face to face from a dealer. Domestic violence offender have a lifetime ban for gun posession.

California gas taxes- will increase 5.7 cents. The money is supposed to go to roads and bridges along with bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Police Cam Footage- Law enforcement agencies will now have to release video recordings of shootings or critical incidents of force within 45 days if requested.

Transit Fare Increase- Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Ferry and Golden Gate Transit Bus fares also increase today.

Gender Identity- Californians who don’t identify as either male or female will now have a third option for their driver’s licenses: designated by the letter “X.”