Toto Is Calling It A Day

In an interview with The Morning Call, Toto frontman Steve Lukather said "we're calling it a day." So, is Toto dead? "I don’t know, man. I can’t predict the future,” said Lukather. "I can tell you that this version is dead October 20 ... I know that we just gotta take a break from all this. We were beat up really badly and we gotta heal and figure out what’s going on

Steve said that they have had some crazy lawsuits that have put them through the ringer. He did confirm that the band’s current line-up “is dead” once it wraps up the 40 Trips Around The Sun tour this Sunday night in Philadelphia.

He also shared that he's got a solo project coming out and plans to continue playing with Billy Gibbon's Supersonic Blues Machine and Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. . "I mean, the music’s still there. I’m not saying I’m never gonna play this music again — that would be stupid to say; that would be a lie." A rep for Toto told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Toto will merely be taking a hiatus. “Future plans will be announced in 2020 as they unfold and become formal,” said Steve Karas.