5 Things To Do If A Package Thief Strikes

The holiday season is here and if you plan on shopping online and getting package when you aren't around here are some helpful tips to follow if a holiday thief strikes.

  1. Look for your package: It seems obvious but sometimes mail carriers will leave a delivered item in a non-obvious place. It might have been delivered next door or be hidden behind a fence or plant.
  2. Contact the seller:If your search turns up nothing get in touch with the company you purchased it from. Amazon, Sephora and a few other companies have a pretty good policy of generally reimbursing people for lost packages and/or sending replacements.
  3. Contact the shipping company: Major delivery companies often offer insurance on packages, so if the seller isn't much help, it's possible you'll be able to file a claim with the package delivery company.
  4. Contact your credit card company: Most credit card providers have a policy that protects purchases.
  5. Prevent this issue in the future: Consider having your packages delivered to your office or install a camera that you can monitor via a phone app.

If all else fails you can get creative like these people