Sammy Hagar Excites Fans With Latest Announcement

Sammy Hagar Excites Fans with 'Huge Announcement'

As most rock promoters will tell you, while having a good voice helps, the most important skill of a truly good frontman is his ability to fire up a crowd. And clearly Sammy Hagar still hasn't lost his touch.

The Van Halen frontman-turned-rock entrepreneur on Monday got fans energized by making a "huge announcement" on Instagram regarding Cabo Wabo, the brand name of his popular tequila and nightclub. He wrote, "Are you ready for 2020? Cabo Wabo is!"

Whether the "huge announcement" was a plug for Cabo Wabo's annual New Year's Eve celebration or just a general statement welcoming 2020 is anybody's guess. But the vagueness of Hagar's post didn't stop excited fans from reacting, posting comments like, "Man, I'm jealous! Want to be at this bad!!," "Listen to Sammy and you stay young!," and "Oh yeah! My birthday is January 1st!"