New Procedure Can Make You Up To 6 Inches Taller

New Procedure Can Make you up to 6 Inches Taller

There's good news for everyone who's vertically challenged: A new cosmetic surgery procedure can make you up to six inches taller.

Las Vegas doctor Kevin Debiparshad says he's already performed the procedure on more than 30 patients with no issues. Most of them have been "fairly successful people career-wise, but they have feelings of lacking" because of their height, Debiparshad says. "They think if they can modify this one complaint, it can make their life complete in some way," he says.

However, getting to that point is a bit of a journey. Although the actual procedure takes only two hours, Debiparshad says it takes another year before patients fully recover and get to enjoy the results. That's because making a person taller involves breaking their legs in several places and patching them back together with nails and screws. Then, learning to use the longer legs requires physical therapy. The cost of adding a few inches to one's height? About $76,000.

Do you think it's worth $76,000 to be six inches taller? If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?