Hungry? Check Out This $2 Chipotle Hack

One woman has a hack for getting a meal at Chipotle for just $3.95. Order a kid’s meal cheese quesadilla, open up the quesadilla...fills it with the rice, beans, and fajita veggies sides. BOOM!!! A cheaper burrito. Some say the kid’s taco meal is a better option because it comes with two tortillas and three sides, but it’s $4.75. Either way, that’s a cheap meal.

Ask for white and brown rice. You end up getting more!

Same with beans, ask for both (provided that you like both). If you ask for double scoops they are required to do it and since it is a freebie in a bowl you just cashed in on double food.

There is a pretty cool, taco trick below check it out.