Doctor With COVID-19 Shares His Experience Thru Daily Tweets

Doctor With COVID-19 Shares His Experience Thru Daily Tweets

Dr. Yale Tung Chen was diagnosed with coronavirus while he was treating patients in Spain. Since he found out he had COVID-19 he's been tweeting daily about his progress and symptoms! I would like to hear more about people who are surviving, so check his story out. This will give you more perspective and know what to look for!

Day 1 after#COVIDdiagnosis. Sore throat, headache (strong!), Dry cough but not shortness of breath. No lung US abnormalities. Will keep a#POCUStrack of my lungs

Day 2 after #COVID diagnosis. Less sore throat, cough & headache (thank God!), still no shortness of breath or pleuritic chest pain. #POCUS update: small bilateral pleural effusion, thickened pleural line & basal b-lines (plaps)

Day 3 after#COVIDdiagnosis. No sore throat/headache. Yesterday was cough day, still no shortness of breath/chest pain. Diarrhea started, lucky cough got better.#POCUSupdate: similar effusion, seems less thickened pleural line + no b-lines (PLAPS).

Day 4 after#COVIDdiagnosis. More cough & tiredness (very badly), still no dyspnea/chest pain.#POCUSupdate: Right side on resolution, Left side a more thickened pleural line + 2 subpleural consolidations