Tiffany Starts 'I Think We're Alone Coronavirus Challenge'

Tiffany Unveils Her 'I Think We're Alone Now' Coronavirus Challenge

Tiffany knows that a lot of people have added her 80's hit 'I Think We're Alone Now' to their quarantine playlist so she wanted to use it to encourage people to shelter in place. She told People magazine, “We’re all trying to get through this and I know that it’s tough for everyone to be secluded. But it’s so important to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.” Tiffany suggested the “I Think We’re Alone Now Challenge,” where people connect by sharing how they’re passing the time while they are "alone." Tiffany encouraged her fans to reach out to her via social media with pictures and videos of themselves in quarantine. “It’s interesting to see who people are quarantined with,” she said. “Their loved ones, dogs, kids, parents. People are secluded in a lot of different places: houses, hotels, wherever. It’s good to share these experiences with others, to show that you may be alone, but you’re not alone. The whole point is about support and encouragement.”