Quarantine Hack: How To Remove Acrylic Nails & Gel Polish

If you are sheltering in place and in deseperate need of a fill for your acrylic nails you might as well give up and just take them off. The Coronavirus quarantine has caused the closure of a lot of nail salons so if you are wondering what to do with those breaking, chipped or cracked nails check out the info below.

Removing Gel Polish

  1. Start by filing the top coat of your gel manicure.Be careful not to file too hard, if you can see your own nail during the process, you’re doing it too hard.
  2. Soak your fingers or wrap them in a cotton ball and foil with an acetone-based nail-polish remover. Keep the cotton wrapped nail covered for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the tinfoil and gently scrape the polish of the nail.

Removing Acrylic Nails

  1. Don't just peel them off it hurts, trust me that is what I did.
  2. First try filing or cutting the nail length down. If they are lifting it might be easier. It can also be helpful to use a nail file to “gently smooth” the acrylic.
  3. Soak your fingertips in pure acetone, make sure the polish remover you have (if that's all you have) has acetone.
  4. Wait.....wait, and wait and file and wait some more.
  5. Finally use a cuticle pusher to slide them off or scrape them off.