Do Gloves Really Protect You From COVID-19? Here's The Deal

I have a big box of gloves in my car and every time I go to the supermarket I am sure to grab them. I have heard mixed opinions about gloves and thier effectiveness against COVID-19 and it turns out f they just might be causing more harm than good. Since the virus does not enter through your hands, apparently you don’t need that extra barrier. It does make me feel better but the fact of the matter is that the virus lives on gloves longer than it does your skin. It is easy to get it off your hands by washing them, the gloves, not so much. You’re actually just as likely to contaminate another surface if you touch a contaminated product with gloves on as if you did it with your hands.

There is also the school of thought that the gloves cause some people to wash their hands less. I think at this point if you are washing your hands and the idea of shopping with gloves gives you peace of mind, the choice is yours. If you decide to wear gloves, it’s important to take them off the right way, or else you’re likely to transfer all of the germs on them onto your hands. Check out the clip below for the info!

Photo: Getty