Driver Dies From COVID-19 After Complaining About Lady Coughing On His Bus

I am sharing this story to stress the importance of all doing our part to protect the people in our community who are just doing there jobs. Jason was driving a city bus and serving the public everyday. We all need to make sure we are doing the little things that make a big difference to help each other get through this crazy time.

Jason posted a very heated (Language NSFW) online video talking about the fact that a passenger had openly coughed on his bus amid the coronavirus pandemic. He died this week from the respiratory illness. In the video, which was posted on March 21st via his Facebook account he talked about a woman, whom he believed to be in her 50s or 60s, coughing openly on the bus without covering her mouth. "This is real," the driver said. "Y'all need to take this serious." Hargrove said he and other drivers were "out here as public workers doing our jobs trying to make an honest living ... trying to take care of our families." "She stood up there and coughed ... never covered up her mouth," the driver said. "I feel violated. I feel violated for the people that were on the bus."

I am praying for his family and all of yours too. I take comfort in the fact that I know we will get through this time. However, in the meantime it is important to just buckle down and look out for one another.