WATCH: Neighbors Bust Fake COVID-19 Testing Site Scammers

This is absolutely crazy. I can't believe that someone would do something like this. I love the fact that concerned neighbors actually broke this craziness up. A self-proclaimed medical marketing company set up makeshift testing sites outside various churches in Louisville with workers dressed head to toe in hazmat gear. Officials said the group may be from Illinois, and believe they are the same people who claimed to test people's DNA for diseases last year. The most insane thing is that they were "testing" people and not even changing their gloves between tests.

As crazy as this situation is I hope that they don't get sick just trying to make a quick buck. Local officials said the scammers were charging more than $200 a test and using people's DNA and personal information. There is no reason that you should spend that much money for a COVID test. Metro Council President David James said, "They're the scum of the Earth and they're preying on the poorest of the poor, and I'm going to do everything in my power to get them the [explicit] out of Kentucky."