Significant Decrease In Projected Number Of California COVID-19 Deaths

Good news for Californians, the projected number of COVID-19 deaths has significantly dropped in the past few weeks. According to a recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington the United States is still at its peak. However, the numbers are expected to really decline towards the end of the month.

KRON 4 reported back on the 28th of March nearly 81,114 deaths were projected in the United States. That number spiked to 95,531 a week later on April 4. 6,109 deaths were expected by Apr. 4. As of April 12, the number of deaths in California due to COVID-19 dramatically decreased to 1,616.

This doesn't mean that we are in the clear but it does show that the early efforts to decrease the spread of the virus and flatten the curve are working. Keep up the awesome work Bay Area, it's working!!!