Dad Drags Son To Store To Apologize For Disrespecting Store Staff

A dad stepped up and made it be known to the world that he will not tolerate disrespect. The father marched his son to a local supermarket to apologize in person after a viral video showed his son and friends abusing and threatening staff outside the store. The footage was uploaded and once the dad saw his son he jumped into action.

The dad wrote on Facebook, "For everyone who has seen a video of this boy threatening members of staff at Asda yesterday. ‘As a dad I have never been more disgusted and mortified with my son in my life. He has not been brought up to behave in this manner and I do not condone his behavior at all. Just to let you all know, the police have been notified and evidence has been sent – it is now over to them to decide what they wish to do."

Photo: Getty