Health Experts Warn Against Putting Masks On Kids 2 and Under

Face masks are now mandatory in a few Bay Area cities and now we are getting a new warning about the face coverings. Health experts warn that children who are 2 years old and under should not be using a face mask. CDC officials say that the airway for children that young is so small that it is not necessary and could actually cause more harm by possibly suffocating them. It is recommended that babies and small children refrain from as much public contact as possible and family members are advised to wear face coverings around them.

CDC Face Coverings "DO's"

  • Do wear it if you are getting ready to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or to your doctor’s office
  • Do make sure you can breathe through it.
  • Do wear it whenever going out in public.
  • Do make sure it covers your nose and mouth
  • Do wash after each use.

CDC Face Coverings "DON'Ts"

  • Do NOT use a face covering on a child under two years old
  • Do NOT use surgical masks or other PPE intended for healthcare workers.