Video Shows Mom's Arrest After Violating Quarantine At Park With Kids

A mom in Meridian, Idaho was arrested with her children nearby for refusing to leave a playground. 40-year-old Sara Brady was among a small group who had gathered with their children at a local playground amid the coronavirus pandemic closures. The parents ripped down and bypassed the caution tape and signs indicating that the park had been closed. According to a police statement, and the video which has now gone viral, "officers made several attempts to help Brady adhere to the rules."

She can be heard saying "arrest me" on the video and even turned and puts her hands behind her back. Soooooo o she was arrested. A woman off camera is heard saying "officer, you don't want to do that," as he handcuffs Brady. People were outraged that the officer would arrest her because her kids were there but I ask why would you even put your kid's in that situation to begin with???


Photo:ADA County Sheriff's Office