If You Search The Web Using 'Incognito Mode' You Should Know This

The next time you are online and you are searching using the incognito mode there's something that you should know. A lot of people search the internet using incognito mode so that they don't leave a trace or a trail to track the sites that they have been on. Unfortunately what you may not know is that using incognito mode does not mean your browsing sessions are kept private. Incognito mode is simply a way to delete your browsing and search history along with cookies after an online session. Here are the things that incognito mode CAN do:

  • Keep your search history private
  • Ensures that you don't store cookies after your online browsing session
  • Deletes any online forms
  • Helps maintain your privacy on public computers

Incognito mode does NOT:

  • Hide your IP address
  • Prevent third-party tracking
  • Stop browser fingerprinting

if you do want to make sure that none of your information is tracked your best bet is a private VPN .

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