5 Foods You Should Never Microwave



As long as I can remember I've heard that cooking food in microwave reduces its nutritional content. According to the FDA that is a myth. A report done by theAgency showed that cooking food in the microwave doesn't reduce its nutritional content any anymore than conventional cooking. That being said, there are certain items that when cooked in the microwave pose various hazards from exploding to other strange incidents. Check out this list of items that you should think twice before nuking.

Red Pasta Sauce- The next time you decide to heat up a big bowl of red pasta sauce in by the microwave make sure to have a towel ready to clean up a red mess. If you haven't already done experienced this you'll notice when you heat up red pasta sauce it pops all over the microwave. The thick consistency of the tomato sauce makes it difficult for particles to move around easily, so steam pressure builds up underneath the surface until it erupts to release the steam leaving splatters of red sauce everywhere. Next time try heating sauce up on the stove, where you can stir it and release the steam and pressure as it heats up.

Hot Peppers- If you want to experience a tiny taste of tear gas just heat up a hot pepper. Peppers not only get smoking when you microwave them, but they can also catch on fire due to capsaicin. Capsaicin is the chemical that makes hot peppers hot and it is released in the microwaving process. If you have ever opened up your microwave after heating a pepper and noticed your eyes stinging and your throat burning this is the reason.

Grapes- Grapes are made up of mostly water but when heated up in the microwave they can actually ignite into little fireballs. Don't believe me, check this out

Breast Milk- If mom's want to quickly heat up frozen breast milk the FDA suggests doing it using hot tap water or on by placing it on the stove in a pan of warm water. Heating up breast milk in the microwave can create uneven hotspots that can scald a baby's tongue. Remember after heating to always shake the bottle, and test the formula on the back of your hand.

Hard Boiled Eggs- Hard-boiled eggs can be a quick and easy source of protein. They can also be little mouth grenades waiting to happen. Apparently hard-boiled eggs have been known to explode when microwaved and if that isn't scary enough the explosion usually happens AFTER the egg is microwaved, which means it can happen when it's on your plate or even in your mouth upon your first bite.