Sammy Hagar Says He'd "Rather Die" Than Follow COVID Shutdown Rules



When it comes to coronavirus restrictions Sammy Hagar has had enough! In a new interview with Rolling Stone the Red Rocker said that he'd "rather personally get sick and even die" than have to deal with another COVID-19 lockdown. Sammy prefaced his controversial remarks, "I’m going to make a radical statement here. This is hard to say without stirring somebody up, but truthfully, I’d rather personally get sick and even die if that’s what it takes."

Sammy Hagar said that he believes shutting down the country again will lead to a severe economic crisis that would be far worse than the pandemic itself. "We have to save the world and this country from this economic thing that’s going to kill more people in the long run," he says. "I would rather see everyone go back to work. If some of us have to sacrifice on that, OK." Sammy also said that he looks forward to hitting the road again very soon.

What do you think about Sammy's remarks?

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