Man Sues Employer Because His Job Was Boring And Wins His Case



We have all had a boring job at one time or another. You might actually be working at one currently as you read this. Well Have you ever thought of suing your job your employer over your boring job because that's exactly what Federic Desnard did. Frederic sued his employer for $400,000 for making him work a boring job. Frederic claimed that his job was so boring that it actually made him depressed which in turn led to him having to take a leave of absence. After his leave of absence Frederic claimed that the company used it against him as an excuse to fire him. He had been fighting the good fight for four years but last week he won his case along with a $45,000 payout.

This particular case played out in France however with a win for Frederic it might be just the beginning of a case that sets precedence for the future.

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