This 7 Year Old's Recreation Of Pee Wee's Big Adventure Is A Must See

Have you ever watch a movie so many times that you can repeat it verbatim? Well, for seven-year-old Roosevelt Wren, that movie is Pee Wee's Big Adventure. He loves the movie so much his family decided to re-create it during their quarantine. He had his entire family playing various characters throughout the film. They even took a trip to San Antonio to film one of the movies most classic scenes at the Alamo.

Roosevelt's mom said the moment called fir it, “We’re like, it deserves the real thing, rather than just a green screen," Eliza Wren said. Eliza said after they posted the movie to YouTube, Pee Wee Herman himself reached out to the young fan. “It was thrilling for Roosevelt," said Eliza. "The movie turned out to be so much more than a fun, family project. “It really brought us together in a way I could have never imagined."