Thundercats Is Headed To The Big Screen

"ThunderCats" Movie Has Fans Feline Excited, Jason Momoa For Lion-O Anyone?

It's official! The 1980s animated children's show, "ThunderCats", is making its way to the big screen as a live-action hybrid.

Fans are already questioning who would be best suited to play the ThunderCats leader, Lion-O. 

Several people have shared that Jason Momoa would be the best choice to play Lion-O, but Brad Pitt was also mentioned.

Fans will have to wait a while for those types of details as the script hasn't been written yet, but at least now there's a confirmation that the movie will happen.

The original 1985 cartoon follows a group of cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet Thundera. When the dying planet meets its end, the group, known as the ThunderCats, is forced to flee their home and end up on Third Earth.