Martha Quinn's Most Radical Things List for 2017

Who needs Oprah's favorite things when you can check out my favorite & radical things for 2017...Listen to my 'After Party' podcast below as I break them all down or just look below....


80s Fun: This is a fun 80s outfit that is extremely reasonably priced. I would pair with Doc Martins, Madonna lace capri tights and the legwarmers below! Click on each picture to get more info! 

80s Music: I couldn’t decide between Def Leppard’s 30th Anniversary Hysteria Boxed set, or Cheap Trick’s Christmas CD so I’m including both!

An oldie but goodie in the Christmas album category is Aaron Neville’s 1993 Soulful Christmas. Will give you goosebumps!

80s to watch: I just watched this Police Synchronicity concert DVD and loved every minute. From Sting jumping on the trampoline to the totally 80s audience, this was a blast. If you love the 80s and music you’ll love this DVD. If you still have a DVD player!

If you don’t have a DVD player but now I’ve gotten you into The Police mood, guitar player Andy Summers has a documentary you can stream, Can’t Stand Losing You, Surviving The Police. I haven’t seen it yet but it's on my vacation definite watch list!

Another amazing 80s band documentary is this one about Quiet Riot, soldiering on after the death of lead singer Kevin Dubrow. The interviews with rock luminaries like Dee Snider and Matt Sorum shed light on how important Quiet Riot was to the landscape of 80s music. Riveting and emotional. Not just ‘cause I’m in it!

80s Reads

If you remember the five original MTV VJs, check out our book VJ: Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave!

I just ordered Billy Idol’s autobiography, Dancing With Myself. I can’t wait to read it. Turning 62 November 30, Billy’s punk rock energy has never waned or become cliché, that snarl is for real. If you’re an audio book fan, Billy reads his Dancing With Myself, that would be a treat too!

On practically every page of producer Nile Rodgers’ autobiography I said to myself “ohmygod Hollywood has got to make this guy’s life a movie!” Great look at the music industry from the man who shaped the sound of the 80s producing Madonna, Duran Duran, INXS and David Bowie.


When I travel my eyes dry out leaving my eyelids like sandpaper so my eyes always look totally bloodshot. Great look! I got this crazy water bottle humidifier/diffuser and it worked great! I put one drop of essential oil into the water and my eyes were way less red with the bonus of the hotel room smelled less musty and creepy! Supposedly you can use it in your car. I’m telling you this is the greatest thing ever!

At our 1-year Birthday Bash Boy George mentioned a mushroom elixir he’d been drinking, Four Sigmatic Chaga Tea. I immediately investigated. Turns out Chaga Tea has tons of antioxidants to combat cell damage and cleanse the liver. Contains important minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and sulfur. According to Four Sigmatic Chaga mushrooms make your body “bulletproof to illness” and “beautifies the skin, hair, nails and overall radiance.” I know Boy George wouldn’t have recommended if it wasn’t a superior product, because he doesn’t really want to hurt me.

Flax seeds help reduce blood pressure, have cancer-fighting lignans, reduce inflammation, and are one of the richest sources of essential omega 3 fatty acids. I put flax seeds in everything, and I find the golden flax seeds have a milder flavor than the brown. Plus if you have kids they are less visible to picky eaters! Terrasoul is the brand I use regularly in smoothies, soups, cereals, pancakes. Grind just before you use as flax goes rancid quickly because of the oil content. I just use my blender to grind! Store in the fridge.

The non-stick coating on my rice maker and slow cooker always worries me. says  you’re supposed to replace nonstick cookware every three to five years. My rice maker is 20 years old! I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while now, the Vitaclay rice maker/slow cooker with a natural unglazed clay cooking pot!


With the days being so short exercise is harder to get. I love this mini trampoline, you can keep it anywhere in your house for a round of 100 jumping jacks. Tony Robbins and Sting are both mini-trampoline fans

House Doodads

Need an extra hook but don’t want to put a hole in your wall? I got this chrome one for my son’s room, it stays up with a suction cup. Works and looks great, no tools needed!

These wood clothespins are the most used items in my house! Buy one pack and get ready to thank me! I promise you will reach for a clothespin once a day. Decorating room with ballons, closing bags, clipping together papers, just this morning I used a clothespin to keep my teabag from falling to the bottom of my insulated beverage container.

You know how you throw out bags of wilted lettuce and containers of rotten berries? A week after you swore you were going to eat healthy? These bags really help preserve produce. I’ve tried just about every produce product out there and keep coming back to these Green Bags.

Thank you for checking out my 2017 Most Radical Things list! Let me know on Twitter or Facebook (I’m @MarthaQuinn both places) what gifts are on your list!

XO, Martha

Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn

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