Wellness Shot: Oprah's Sleep Doctor's Top Secret Tips

Kids are back in school and they are waking up earlier then they have in months. For some kids and parents, this whole getting back into the school routine can be challenging to everybody's sleep. Thanks to Oprah's sleep doctor we found some great tips to help you get a better night sleep

According to Dr. Michael Breus, your bedtime routine should start an hour before you want your head on the pillow. Broken up into 3 20-minute segments. 

First 20 minutes-Finishing household tasks

Second 20 minutes-Get your body ready for bed hygiene wise

Final 20 minutes- Get your body to relaxed through stretching, tai chi, meditation

I personally like to use sleepcalculator.com because it tells you what time you should go to sleep and what time you should wake up. Click here to read Dr. Michael Breus entire article about sleeping!! 

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