Wellness Shot: Schedule Your Sleep Time

Have you ever woken tired and groggy even though you went to sleep earlier than you usually do?

Sometimes that earlier bedtime can throw off your sleep schedule, landing your wake-up time in the middle of a deep sleep stage which is harder to wake up from. Like swimming to the top of the water from the bottom of the deep end of a pool. We sleep in cycles of 90 minutes, we go from lighter to deepest sleep, then back to light. It’s best not to wake up in a deep sleep stage or you’ll be slower to wake up. To get out of bed refreshed schedule your sleep time for that 90-minute cycle to complete. There are sleep calculators online where you can enter the time you’re going to sleep, it’ll calculate the best time for you to wake up, or you can put in the time you wake up, it’ll give you your best bedtime! 

Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn

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