New Kids On The Block's Joey McIntyre Has A Rap Battle On 'Drop The Mic'

It was a battle of the Joeys on “Drop the Mic.” New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre battled NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and McIntyre doesn’t hesitate to use Justin Timberlake for his witty punchlines against Fatone. “Oh, I couldn't see you standing there in Justin Timberlake's shadow," McIntyre says "Sorry Joe, hey, who knows, maybe Justin will let you carry all his Super Bowl clothes." Fatone wasn’t without a good one-liner for the New Kids on the Block singer, "You recorded 'Hangin' Tough' about being one of the guys, the only thing hanging are your b$$$ between your thighs!" Fatone raps. Check out the full rap battle below!!

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