Warriors Star Steph Curry Unveils Shoe Inspired By Napa Girl

Nine-year-old Riley Morrison from Napa had a simple question for Warriors star Steph Curry: Why don't you have a sneaker model for girls? Good point, the Golden State champ thought and set about fixing the situation. Calling Morrison "wise beyond her years," Curry let the girl have a hand in designing his latest signature shoe, featuring a sock liner showing two girls playing basketball, alongside the words "Be Fearless," "Girl Power," "Be the Change," "Girls Hoop Too" and "Rock the Currys." 

Just in time for Friday's celebration of International Women's Day, the purple and white Curry's 6's go on sale, with Under Armour announcing, "Change comes with action; action can come from anyone." While being able to say you designed a shoe for one of the biggest sports figures is a cool enough claim to fame, Curry surprised Morrison on Thursday, revealing that proceeds from the sale will fund a scholarship for college-bound women in the Bay Area.