Wellness Shot: Home Remedies For Gas Pains

Every morning around 6:40 I like to give you a daily dose of health info which I call my 'Wellness Shot.'

A "friend" of mine had a very crazy thing happen to her this week and if it happened to her, then it must happen to several others. After she finished her 'normal job' she went outside to talk to some co-workers and all of a sudden she started feeling this very sharp pain in her stomach. She knew right away that she was having some horrible gas pains along with breaking out into a sweat. So here are some tips if this gas pain happens to you;

  1. Better out than in. Just let it go!
  2. Drink non-carbonated beverages
  3. Have some apple cider vinegar with water. This will help your stomach produce digestive enzymes and that can help.

I found some great home remedies in the links below!