iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman Talks Creating MTV, VJ Martha Quinn, & More

Welcome to Talk Talk with Martha Quinn!

Listen in as Martha Quinn talks to iHeartMedia’s CEO Bob Pittman, who’s also the creator of MTV Music Television! Bob tells Martha how the idea came up for the 80s most memorable phenomenon, and what he thought when he first saw Martha’s audition tape, on the last day of the VJ auditions.

Bob Pittman says the idea for MTV came from:

"A generation that grown up with rock music, grown up with TV, and the two have never come together. So instead of making it look like TV, we are going to make TV look like music. That's really what the concept of it was. Like most ideas it's 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration. We were going to change the world with MTV and so we did."

Not only did Bob create MTV, but he also launched the career of original MTV VJ Martha Quinn. Bob remembers watching Martha's audition tape:

"This girl is really good. She has a real natural style in front of the camera. She has an infectious enthusiasm. She'd be great and so we said let's go get her."

This is a walk down video memory lane you don’t want to miss! Hear the full conversation below.