Wellness Shot: What Causes A Person To Lose Their Voice

After Saturday nights Totally Awesome 80s Cruise, I am struggling to get my voice 100% back. This had me thinking, what causes a person to lose their voice?

Here are reasons a person could be hoarse ;

  1. An upper respiratory infection like a cough or cold.
  2. Seasonal allergies that could cause sinus drainage, throat clearing, and laryngitis.
  3. A vocal demanding job that requires you to use your voice frequently over the course of several hours
  4. You can lose your voice after being in loud environments. They can often force you to talk more loudly or with greater effort than usual.

So what should you do if you lose your voice;

  1. Rest your voice as much as possible. Talk half as much.
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Use a humidifier
  4. Medicate