David Lee Roth Relaunches 'The Roth Show'

David Lee Roth is back behind the microphone, relaunching his online series "The Roth Show" as a podcast. The premiere episode, "Diamond Dave Goes Ultra," features the Van Halen showman waxing philosophical for 25 minutes on topics such as culture, style, fashion and social issues. At one point, Diamond Dave pokes fun at Bruce Springsteen's wardrobe, saying, "Some would say that frees him to live and breathe as an artist. 25 long-sleeve black shirts. 25 pairs of [Levi's] 517 boot cuts. That's clinical depression." Fans will be excited to give the new show a listen, with Roth revealing to EDM.com, "All of the background music in our show, I wrote, including the bass and the drums."