Martha Quinn Remembers Original MTV VJ JJ Jackson On His Birthday

Today is original MTV VJ JJ Jackson’s birthday, he would have turned 78 years old. 

JJ was a rock ’n roll legend long before he came to MTV in 1981. During his time at Boston's pioneering rock radio station WBCN (where J Geils band singer Peter Wolf was also at DJ!) JJ emceed concerts by Jimi Hendrix, and was one of the first American DJs to play The Who and Led Zeppelin for US audiences. JJ gave the members of Led Zeppelin tours of Boston in his beat up station wagon in 1968!!

When JJ came to MTV he handled interviews of artists who might need a very skilled experienced interviewer. Certainly ex-Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten fit into that category, he would have eaten me for lunch I’m quite sure! This is one of the most riveting interviews JJ ever did during his time at MTV. When Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon and his Public Imaged Ltd bandmate Keith Levene came in to discuss their album Commercial Zone in 1982, they found themselves up against a music expert who also happened to be an ex-Marine #SemperFi! With that personality combo staring you down punk flippancy is difficult to maintain. This interview is like walking on a razor’s edge of suspense plus provides an in-depth dialogue about music and the industry!

Miss you every day JJ!