Steve Perry On How AC/DC Helped Journey Become A Better Band

While very different in their sounds, Journey and AC/DC toured together back in the 70s. In fact, it was the Australian hard rockers who opened for Steve Perry and company. In a new interview, the former frontman reveals AC/DC not only "spanked" them, they made Journey a better band. Perry recalls hearing late singer Bon Scott on stage, admitting, "I was stunned. I just said, 'This is unbelievable. What is this?' And then I had to follow this band? Go out there, sing 'Wheel in the Sky?' What am I doing? They're killing me here!'" T

he experience was worthy though, according to Perry, who adds, "They made us play better, man. They spanked us bad – I'm being honest with ya, they spanked us a good one, and any band member will admit that. We had to learn how to play all these Journey songs, that we originally wrote, with a new intensity."

Photo Credit: Getty Images