The Beach Boys' Mike Love Covers The Ramones On New Album

Mike Love Covers the Ramones for Upcoming Solo Album The classic Ramones track "Rockaway Beach" has been honored with a new cover -- by Mike Love, of all people. The Beach Boy recorded his take on the song for his new solo album, 12 Sides of Summer. While one might have trouble finding similarities between the Beach Boys and the Ramones, Love says singing the song came naturally to him -- almost as if it had been penned by Brian Wilson. "It fits beautifully in the Beach Boys surfing song genre," Love says. "Not only is it a great song, it’s also right in my vocal range. It’s almost as if it was designed for me to sing, and that’s why I am so eager to play it live." 12 Sides of Summer is due to drop in July. You can check out Mike's cover below!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images