Metallica Invites 13-Year-Old To Drum On Stage For His Birthday

Evan Adamson has received the best birthday present a Metallica fan could ever hope for -- and one the 13-year-old will likely never see topped.

The Amsterdam youth, who spent his birthday Tuesday watching his favorite band perform, received the surprise of his life when frontman James Hetfield called him to the stage to fill in for drummer Lars Ulrich. It happened after Hetfield turned and acted surprised that Ulrich had disappeared from his drum throne. "Oh God, Lars shrunk," he told the audience. "They put Lars in the wash. Told them not to put him in the dryer."

The budding musician then pounded the skins for part of "Seek and Destroy." Although Ulrich tapped him out midway through the song, Adamson says he couldn't have had a better birthday. "No words -- I mean to play drums in front of 68,000 people with my heroes, my favorite band of all time, was just the best thing ever," Adamson tweeted. "And to top it all off it was my birthday!"