Cure Frontman Says Music Will Be Darker

Considering The Cure has never been known for cranking out toe-tapping, lighthearted tunes, one can only imagine what Robert Smith means when he describes the group's upcoming album as being "on the darker side of the spectrum."

In an interview with NME, the Cure frontman says the music on the followup to 2008's "4:13 Dream" was largely inspired by the deaths of his mother and brother, which, he notes, "obviously had an effect on me." Still, Smith says it won't be a completely depressing affair. "It’s not relentlessly doom and gloom," he says. "It has soundscapes on it, like 'Disintegration.' I was trying  to create a big palette – a big wash of sound."

Smith says work will resume on the new album, which hasn't yet been scheduled for release, later this year. In the meantime, "The Cure 40 Live: Curætion 25 + Anniversary" is due October 18th.